Snowmageddon 2021!!!

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I can't remember the last time we got snow like this in Little Rock!!  It's definitely beautiful outside, and it's been so fun seeing all the kids outside making snowmen, sledding, and having a blast!  I even had a friend ski down his hill... no lie!! 


One of the biggest worries are our water pipes!  Arkansas homes are not always engineered to account for freezing temps and many of our water pipes are located too close to the exterior of our homes.  Here's a great run down of what to do to prepare for the freeze, but also what you can do if you get a frozen pipe like mine 🤦🏻‍♀️

We have a single lever kitchen faucet and we thought we had it on the cold water side, but alas, a tragic mistake having it rotated too far to the hot water side.  Not only did our cold water line freeze, the constant work on a 14+ year old hot water heater now no longer maintains the pilot light.  Take a look at the tips provided here:



Hopefully you'll avoid what I'm having to do now!!




Stay warm and Stay safe!! 


Lots of love,