Monday Muse: "You are who you choose to be"

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Real Estate

Spoken so eloquently by Hogarth Hughs.  Anyone else love The Iron Giant as much as I do? 🙋🏻 It's my all time favorite movie I was 'forced' to watch when my youngest, Jimmy, was young.  I still cry at the end when I now force Jimmy to watch it with me😂

The Best message from this movie (IMHO) is when Hogarth tells the Giant he doesn't have to be the killing machine he was built to be, "you choose who you want to be, so choose"

Iron Giant: You Choose

And isn't that so true in every day life? Often times in Real Estate there are multitude of times when deals aren't perfect, clients lose out on a home, rude comments from various people, you get cut off on the road... it's easy to be super emotional and react with negativity and loathing.  It takes intentional focus to choose to take a breath, try to see the best in people, and re-strategize the moment.

Iron Giant: Superman

And did you know I used to be painfully shy?? Like hide behind my mother's skirt shy when strangers came near.  It took me moving to this country to envision and endeavor a different me.  I still fight against my nature some days, but I chose long ago I didn't want to be that shy girl who missed out on great friendships, conversations, and learnings.  I have been lucky enough to have great people who surrounded me and gave me strength and opportunities.  Wishing the same for you!


Choose kindness, choose reflection, choose empathy, to stay in motion.  It's on us.  So choose!! 😜


*** My Monday Muses gets blogged out on Tuesdays many days because it comes out on social media first.  Hope you still find them useful!!