Monday Muse: Always Be Learning

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Real Estate

Always Be LEarning  = ABLE

I know, I know, we salespeople are supposed to be saying ‘always be closing (ABC)’ yet I contend, more than ever, we need to continually learn and grow!

In any career path we take, self development is a key to success. If you’re in the mindset of being a perpetual student, even as a 10+ year veteran, you open yourself up to new ideas, new techniques, and new technologies. There are many takeaways from this past year, and one key point is to always be ready to pivot & shift. How is that even possible if you’ve trained your brain to be closed to new ideas??

Today I’m watching a webinar to help me market my client’s properties even better. And what better way to learn than being surrounded by great people! I love what I do and I love the people who surround me day in, day out! And that includes you too!


I hope you find me posting my Monday Muse on a Tuesday is amusing 🤣


Have a great week everyone!!