Arkansas Money & Politics Fifty over 50!

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Feeling very thankful on this Monday!  


Arkansas Money & Politics magazine released their Fifty over 50 List in the February publication.  I am so honored to have made the list this year, and looking at the complete list of professionals on this list, I'm absolutely humbled!  There are individuals I've looked up to over the years in various industries around the state including couple of realtors I have placed on a high pedestal since I began my career some 14 years ago.  


This business can be lonely at times, and just like with any career, self-doubt can set in at any given moment.  Ever experience that?  It's important to surround yourself with positive people who can lift you up when a bad day surfaces.   I've been lucky to find amazing people who awe and inspire me every day.  One of which is my business partner, Holly Driver.  She's definitely a ray of sunshine to anyone who crosses her path!  Clever, Smart, Witty, and with a rock solid mind set each and every day!  My agents at our brokerage are also people who amaze me.  They work hard to advocate for their clients' dreams and go above and beyond to make sure each transactions closes without a hitch.  It's difficult to find an entire brokerage with the same calibur of expertise and the desire to excel.  


The Market is still shifting, and it's a challenge to find the right home for my buyers, and to time my sellers perfectly for a move!  What I LOVE about what I do always comes apparent at the closing table when all the hard work (and a little bit of prayer) has paid off and seeing the smiles on my clients' faces!  


Thankful indeed!


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