A Note to say... Thank you!

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Hello everyone!!


Can I be a little cliche in saying, 2020 has definitely been an unprecedented year.  Weren't we all scared back in February and March of last year?  I tend to be super healthy and nothing typically gets me rattled, but I must admit, I was picturing scenes from Stephen King's "The Stand" or the movie "Contagion".  No doubt, literally 100's of thousands worldwide have been tragically affected by this world wide pandemic yet many of us have found a few blessings in the past year. 


I hope your days were more like mine.  Arkansas had unseasonably mild spring and summer and we spend our 'quarantine' days out walking, talking to neighbors, and enjoying an occasional social distancing happy hour right in front of our houses.  We were also lucky enough to have 2 of our adult children close by and they came over to spend time with us more often since they were limited in their social activities. We did start to panic about our financial situation as both my husband & I could not necessarily work from home to make our careers work.  It was definitely pretty quiet for a while and then BOOM... everyone wanted to start looking at houses!  Getting used to wearing masks, gloves, and sanitizing the skins off our hands were the every day norm.  Showing houses were quite difficult and managing listings weren't any easier!   Let me note, I can take this every day versus having to deal with an affected friend/family member or as a front line healthcare provider 😊


Aspire Realty Group surpassed our stretch goal we had set for ourselves in 2020 and I was lucky enough to make the top 4 in total production amongst our amazing group of professionals.  Lucky because I understand so many out there weren't able to work, and certainly so many without proper food and supplies for themselves or their families.  I got to help so many maneuver through the intricacies of selling homes and home purchases.  Many of my clients were more emotional than they would have been in "normal" times.  They also understood how lucky they were.  


We are continuing to have a busy real estate market.  Experts say they are expecting an even bigger year in 2021, but it's really difficult to trust any predictions at this point.  What's clear is that buyers out there are finding a difficult time finding the right homes to buy.  Though time on the market is extremely low right now and many would consider this a "sellers' market",  expertise in market data, staging, pricing strategies, etc are crucial in getting homes sold quickly.  If you have even thought of selling your home, please, please, please, give me a call.  I have lender qualified buyers right now ready, and we just need that perfect house for them to press forward!! 


At the end of the day, I say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you out there!  You help make me appreciate each and every day!  I started with a cliche, and I'll end with one:  Owning your own home is still a staple of the American Dream, and I am grateful to help my clients achieve their dream each and every day!


With much love,